Sitkinak Cattle Ranch


Sitkinak Island, home to Sitkinak Cattle Ranch, is a remote island located 8 miles off the southern tip of Kodiak Island in Alaska.  Bob Mudd and his son Nathan implemented grazing management and began an annual beef harvest through their USDA inspected portable meat processing facility. 

There are few ranches that have no boundary fences, no need for vaccines, and boast year around grazing for livestock.  The beef cattle of Sitkinak have thrived here since 1937.

In raising livestock on Sitkinak Island the Mudds discovered a new meaning to the terms "free-range" and "organic."  There is no place in the world that compares to Sitkinak Cattle Ranch.  The ranch is now under new ownership with the same website for meat sales.  Visit to order your beef today!

Under New Ownership


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